10th Annual FUSD Tournament of Technology: Judges Needed

Fresno Unified School District | Tournament of Technology

February 10, 2017

The Fresno Unified 10th Annual Middle School Tournament of Technology on April 1 at Rutherford B. Gaston Sr. Middle School is less than two months away. In previous years, volunteers helped make the competition possible for over 500 middle school students from all over the City of Fresno by serving as judges. Fresno Unified would love to have help again for this special 10th Anniversary of the Tournament of Technology. Students will be competing in technology-based categories including robotics, video production, and design. This year a Website Design event and Search & Rescue Robot event will be introduced. 3-D Printed Race car and bridge-breaking events will continue to attract a lot of interest but all 14 events will help students flex 21st century learning skills.

Last year, a new system that allowed judges to review and score entries online was adopted. The new system received positive feedback and this year’s improvements will be even better. The judging window for online events will be open for 7 days instead of one evening and this flexibility should make life much easier for online judges!

Volunteers are sought to help judge the 14 events. Breakfast, lunch and best of all, this year’s special Tournament of Technology T-shirt will be provided to volunteers!

The online judging takes place between March 17 and 23 and the in-person judging will take place at Gaston on April 1.

The criteria for being a judge is simple:
1. Be willing to judge one of the 14 events online between March 17 and 23 or show up on Saturday, April 1, to support students and witness their excitement and competitive spirit.
2. Be prepared to be amazed at what FUSD middle school students can accomplish in the areas of video, robotics, 3D Design and more.
3. Be willing to work collaboratively in judging groups of 2 or 3 to score one of 14 events.

Alert: Don’t believe alternative facts. Being a “techie” is not a requirement.

Judging Types:
Please click on one of the links below to sign up!


  • Robotics (Battle Bot, Robo Rally, Robot C Programming, Search & Rescue)
  • Design (3D Printed Car Race, 3D Printed Bridge Strength, Kodu Game Design, Website Design)
  • Video (Advertisement, Blockbuster, Documentary, Public Service Announcement)
  • Exhibition Events (3D Useful Object, CoderGirlz)

For more information on the events click HERE.

Specify your interest online or judging live as well as the events you are most interested in.