Education Partner – Engineering/Robotics Teaching Position

Product Development-Engineering/Robotics Classroom Teacher-CART

The primary mission served by the position is to prepare students for employment and continued education in the fields of engineering and advanced manufacturing.

General description:

The engineering instructor will use industry experience to teach practices, standards, and expectations as relate to a problem-solving, inquiry-based education in the lab topics. They will participate in the creation and delivery of current, relevant curriculum in the fields of advanced manufacturing, robotics, and design engineering. They will seek to collaborate with their co-teachers to support and expand program offerings to the benefit of students via community partners and industry-standard technologies.


The ideal candidate for the position will possess:

  • Experience with engineering practices, esp. as relate to manufacturing (prototyping, failure analysis, design for production).
  • Experience in industry standard CAD/CAM programs (students test for Certified SolidWorks Associate during year).
  • A desire to continue growth and modernization of a program which prepares students to interact with/facilitate the use of modern industrial technologies, including CIM and robotics (students become certified to operate FANUC robots during the year).
  • A commitment to education regarding the ethical role of an engineer in society.
  • A willingness to collaboratively plan and deliver a program which provides students with an integrated (academic and career technical) experience.
  • Commitment to CART’s guiding principles and support of the CART environment.

Clovis Unified School District Position

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