Objectives & Goals

1. Design and organizational structure for the Alliance

  • Identify roles and responsibilities of each leadership position
  • Determine the tax status i.e. nonprofit (501-c-3, 501-c-6 etc.)
  • Create bylaws
  • Define operational budget

2. Develop a strategy to grow and sustain membership across the region

  • Conduct outreach strategy
    • Develop communication tools
      • An attractive and easy to use website
      • Quarterly newsletters
      • Messaging
    • Conduct quarterly meetings
    • Organize annual manufacturing summit
  • Collaborate with manufacturing organizations (e.g. CMTA, CMTC, etc)

3. Build a globally competitive workforce

  • In collaboration with workforce development partners, provide an accurate projections of occupation and skills needed (demand) by the employers of the region (Human Resource Forum)
  • Support manufacturing education and training programs
    • Develop a common curriculum advising platform for manufacturing educational and training programs
    • Provide work based learning opportunities for students
      • Job shadowing
      • Industry tours
      • Internships
      • Mentorships
    • Provide externships to faculty
  • Serve as a one-stop for its members to collaborate and communicate (B2B)
  • In collaboration with higher education, develop a strategy (a platform, or network of centers) to assist Alliance member companies to adapt, develop, test, and commercialize new products, process, and technologies

4. Create manufacturing excellence in the region

  • Advocate for regulatory reforms to create a competitive manufacturing environment
    • Safety
    • Energy
    • Environmental
    • Labor
    • Health Care
    • Tax
    • Infrastructure