This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Manufacturing Career

Fresno Business Council
By Mike Betts

May 8, 2017

The 2016 Presidential race put a spotlight on bringing jobs back to the US, particularly in manufacturing. While the focus during the campaigns was on losing the jobs to lower-wage economies abroad, there is another reality: we lost interest in the greatest American middle-class industry sector somewhere along the way. Contrary to another belief, technology hasn’t taken these jobs either – it’s only changed them. The physical muscle required for manufacturing jobs 20 years ago has been replaced with the need for intellectual muscle and technical expertise, and here in the Valley we’re building our own world-class workforce.

The San Joaquin Valley Manufacturing Alliance’s 2017 Manufacturing Summit in April was attended by nearly 900 people – over 200 of them students, 60 exhibitors, and two notable keynote speakers affecting manufacturing and policy on a national level. SJVMA and the annual Summit are bringing together this industry sector in unprecedented ways. The aim: to develop pathways for a future workforce.

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