Genelle Taylor Kumpe Named COO of the Fresno Business Council and Executive Director of SJVMA

The Board of Directors of the Fresno Business Council (FBC) and the San Joaquin Valley Manufacturing Alliance (SJVMA), are pleased to jointly announce Genelle Taylor Kumpe as the FBC’s first Chief Operating Officer and the SJVMA’s first Executive Director effective September 1, 2018. Please join us in welcoming Genelle! Genelle Taylor Kumpe Press Release Contact […]


This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Manufacturing Career

The 2016 Presidential race put a spotlight on bringing jobs back to the US, particularly in manufacturing. While the focus during the campaigns was on losing the jobs to lower-wage economies abroad, there is another reality: we lost interest in the greatest American middle-class industry sector somewhere along the way. Contrary to another belief, technology hasn’t taken these jobs either – it’s only changed them.


Apprenticeships: Human Capital Investment Best Practice

Many regional manufacturing companies are faced with tough attrition issues right now. With high turnover, an aging workforce or any of the other myriad challenges causing a skills gap, the need for employees with advanced skills is tremendous. Regionally, we have many programs focused on bringing in the next generation of the manufacturing workforce, but what do we do in the meantime to fill the void of advanced-skill workers?